in the field

about me

music saves me

on the daily the sweet spot rounds the corner cruises down the hill flows with the breeze rises up and down again back into me


when I’m in Wellfleet none of this matters. The bitches, the disses, the over-zealous snitches. The side glances and miserable stares. The jealous rods of hot shit air. by the sea, it’s just you and me. So meet me there.

sunday evening.

throat coat tea. baseball. my black dog. my toddler, awaiting me to brush his teeth. stairs, await us to climb. the fan is still. Sunday creeps to a close.

mild introduction

I’d like to write about things I love, things that make me feel like my true self inside. Wellfleet. Cape Cod. The ocean. The beach. Croissants with real butter. Dark strong coffee. Strolls along the seaside. Cracking open a bottle of chilled white wine in the kitchen, as I lay out my mis en placeContinue reading “mild introduction”

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